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All conference events are held at the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel.
Guests may book discounted rooms at this hotel or at her nearby sister properties, listed below.
The conference nights are October 2, 3, 4, and 5; discounted rates also apply for the three days before and after the conference if you wish you stay longer.

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel: 150 EUR (single occupancy) / 160 EUR (double) / 195 EUR (triple)
Booking Link  code already applied

Apartments Srebreno:
 115 EUR (single occupancy) / 125 EUR (double) / 150 EUR (triple) / 175 EUR (quadruple)
Booking Link use conference rate code FFWCAS

Villas Srebreno: 115 EUR (single occupancy) / 125 EUR (double) / 150 EUR (triple) / 175 EUR (quadruple)
Booking Link
 use conference rate code FFWCVS

Villas Mlini: 115 EUR (single occupancy) / 125 EUR (double) / 150 EUR (triple)
Booking Link
use conference rate code FFWCVM

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Hotel Mlini: 130 EUR (single occupancy) / 140 EUR (double) / 165 EUR (triple)
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 use conference rate code FFWCHM

For questions about accommodations, please contact the properties directly. For rooms at the Sheraton Hotel, phone +385 20 601 500 or email [email protected]. For rooms at the other four properties, phone their agent at +385 52 800 250 or e-mail [email protected]

Rates: Rates are per night, per room. They include breakfast, VAT, Wi-Fi and parking. Rates do not include a city tax of 1.33 EUR daily per person, charged at check-out (or 1.59 EUR daily before October 1).
Room Types and Bed Requests: Please consult directly with the property agent using the email or phone number listed, to request specific guest numbers (for example a triple room) or bed sizes.
Location: Apartments and Villas Srebreno are beside the Sheraton Hotel. Hotel Mlini and Villas Mlini are a 15-minute walk away from the Sheraton on flat terrain, however, please note that from the two Mlini properties, there are steep steps leading up to the Hotel Astarea and the nearby bus stop.
Transport:  Srebreno and Mlini are 6km/4 miles from Dubrovnik’s old town (served by busses and taxi-boats) and a 20-minute drive from Dubrovnik airport (served by taxi and Uber). 
Pool and Fitness: Guests in Apartments and Villas Srebreno may use the swimming pool, fitness center, and sauna in the Sheraton. Guests in Hotel and Villas Mlini may use the swimming pool and fitness center in the neighboring Hotel Astarea. *Please note that from Mlini properties there are steep steps leading up to Hotel Astarea.

External Bookings: Marriott Group advises that bookings made through a third party or even their own public website cannot be moved into the conference group or price-adjusted after the fact. To take advantage of our conference rates, please book using only the links and codes shown above.  FFI does not make any commission from room reservations, we simply want you to have the most affordable price with the most flexible terms