An Introduction to Membership

As a Member of Friendship Force International (FFI), you are part of a worldwide movement of citizen ambassadors who believe that a world of friends can lead to a world of peace. As an organization built on a non-political, non-religious, non-discriminatory foundation, FFI helps bring thousands of individuals from over 60 countries together in unique home-hosted cultural immersion experiences.

 As a  Member you will receive:

  • Access to our international network of friend-building Journeys
  • Opportunities to host fellow Friendship Force members in your home
  • Tools to help you evolve as a global citizen through online events, conferences, and learning opportunities
  • Connections to clubs in your region where you can interact with other members and participate in regional events

Now more than ever, we see the need to put our vision of a more understanding, friendlier world into action. As FFI celebrates 45 years of building bridges of understanding across the barriers that separate people, we are proud to offer FFI Regional or National Membership as a way for individuals to be engaged in the mission of Friendship Force International while also having access to unique opportunities to develop into more globally minded citizens. 

Whether or not you choose to engage in any activities with Friendship Force International, your membership fee provides critical support for the promotion of understanding through innovative programs, scholarships for youth, and support of aspiring global leaders within the Friendship Force membership. Click below if you are ready to join!

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