Does FFI offer any resources for recruitment of new members?

Our new website,, is meant to be the newest recruitment tool for clubs. Already since its launch date, we have seen a five fold increase in the amount of inquiries we receive from potential members seeking information on local clubs. When we receive these inquiries, we forward them on to the contact on file for the local club in question.

A quick way to share the new website is via a QR Code. Here is one that can be printed and then shared when you are at a recruitment event or just sharing the idea of Friendship Force with people you meet:


You can scroll over the image above, right click on your mouse to open up image options and save it to your device. It can then be printed or even saved as a picture in your camera roll. To use the QR code, simply open the camera app on your phone and point it at the QR Code. You will then see a link to open and it will lead you straight to the Friendship Force website.

In addition to the new website, we have assembled a folder of recruitment resources for clubs. You can access that folder by clicking here. We are always adding to it so please check back frequently! We are happy to share resources that clubs have used successfully so please send those examples to [email protected].