Do you have a set of sample Club Bylaws?

Bylaws provide the legal basis for the local club.

Each Friendship Force club is required to have bylaws that govern the club and affirm the mission and programs of Friendship Force International (FFI). It is recommended that you review the bylaws every few years to make sure they are being followed or are amended to reflect new practices and procedures. The bylaws provide the basis for the local club.

A note about using the term “being present” in the bylaws: You may want to clarify whether “being present” means participants’ physical presence or if participation in a meeting over a video platform (like Zoom) could be counted as being present in a meeting.

Other things to consider including in your club’s bylaw document:

  • Will the club provide any subsidy for the current club president or other board members to attend conferences on behalf of the club?
  • Will Ambassador Journey Coordinators be able to earn a discount on their participation costs by volunteering to organize the outbound Journey details?
  • Is there a plan for the succession of club leaders that should be provided?

Sample Club Bylaws

There are also clubs who operate with a Leadership Council style instead of a typical club board governance. You can read more about clubs that use this model and see their bylaws here.