What is the Club Charter renewal process?

Every year by January 15, clubs pay FFI Membership Dues and update their membership for the current year

There are four easy steps involved:

1. Clubs pay the FFI Membership Dues of US $30 per individual based on club membership numbers at the end of December for the preceding year.

2. Club leaders fill out this form to electronically sign the club charter. A copy of the electronically signed document will be emailed to you after the form is submitted.

3. Clubs identify and update all club officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.) in my.friendshipforce.org.

4. Clubs make sure all your club members in good standing are registered in my.friendshipforce.org.

Note: Clubs collect and send membership dues annually on behalf of their members once a year to coincide with the Club Charter renewal process. 

Membership renewal drives typically take place at the end of the calendar year. Money collected in October, November and December should be considered payment for the upcoming calendar year and forwarded to FFI by January 15th of that year. (Membership is effective from January 1st to December 31st of the upcoming year.) For example, if you collected membership dues in October, November and December of 2023, the dues collected would be for 2024.