Where can I find the FFI Handbook?

FFI Handbook for 2023

This handbook is designed to help give members information on the latest policies, procedures and guidelines related to FFI membership, club operations and participating in Journeys. All of this information is key-word searchable on-line on the FFI Help Center accessible through my.friendshipforce.org. As information changes, notifications will be made on my.friendshipforce.org. Updates to this handbook will take place annually.

Information in the FFI handbook for 2023 is divided into four sections:

  • About FFI 
  • About Membership
  • About Clubs
  • About Journeys 

About FFI tells you more about the history, structure and governance of FFI.

About Membership tells you about how FFI membership is structured and what you have access to as a member of FFI.

About Clubs talks about the different types of clubs that exist within FFI, and how they are structured, chartered and operate within the Friendship Force ecosystem.

About Journeys talks about the history of journeys, how journeys are organized, and what policies and procedures members must follow when they participate in journeys.

An appendix in the back of the handbook will help you find specific information related to any number of topics.