Which documents should I take with me if I purchased the Friendship Force Travel Protection Plan?

The policy documents that are emailed to you contain the definitions and exclusions for the policy. While the policy is helpful to know and understand your benefits but it is not necessary to print the document or to take all 67 pages with you on your trip. It is recommended that you print the Summary of Benefits document. That way you can see what coverage you have and you will have the phone number for the 24/7 Travel Assistance benefit.

If you are traveling and have an emergency, here are the steps you should take:

  • Contact OnCall International at the following numbers:
    CALL TOLL FREE: 855-892-6489 (within the United States and Canada) OR CALL COLLECT: 603-328-1379 (From all other locations)
  • Give them the policy number: NW0077. You do not have a certificate number because this is a custom, non-published, policy. You may need to email a copy of the policy document from the links below. This can be done from a smartphone if you have an internet connection.
  • Ask for receipts and reports from anything related to your emergency. This is a “pay and submit” policy which means you may have to pay for the services you receive and submit receipts for reimbursement.
  • Once you are back home, you will need to submit a claim on your policy if you incur any covered costs related to your emergency.

The 24/7 Travel Support Services are an important part of your benefits.The following services are included with your policy:

Travel Support Services
• Interpretation/Translation: Upon request, On Call will assist with telephone interpretation in all major languages. If
you require ongoing or more complex translation services, On Call will refer you to local translators.
• Locating Lost or Stolen Items: On Call will assist in locating lost luggage, and help you coordinate the replacement
of transportation tickets, travel documents or credit cards.
• Medical Monitoring: During the course of a medical emergency resulting from an accident or sickness, On Call will
monitor your case to determine whether the care is adequate from a Western Medical perspective.
• Medical and Dental Search and Referral: On Call will assist you in finding physicians, dentists and medical facilities
in the area where you are traveling.
• Advance of Emergency Medical Expenses: On Call will advance on-site emergency inpatient medical payments to
secure admit or discharge upon receipt of satisfactory assignment of benefits from you, a family member or friend.
Assignment of benefits allows Insurer to claim with the Insured’s primary insurance when hospital refuses admission
or discharge.
• Assistance with Replacement Medication, Medical Devices, and Eyeglasses or Corrective Lenses: On Call will
arrange to fill a prescription that has been lost, forgotten, or requires a refill, subject to local law, whenever possible.
On Call will also arrange for shipment of replacement eyeglasses/corrective lenses or medical devices. You are
responsible for payments of all costs related to these services.
• Transfer of Insurance Information and Medical Records: Upon your request, On Call will help relay insurance
information during your hospital admission and assist with transferring your medical information and records to your
treating physician.
• Assistance with Vaccine and Blood Transfers: If based upon your physician’s prescription, needed vaccines or
blood products are not available locally, On Call will coordinate the transfer where possible and permissible by law.
You are responsible for all expenses related to this service.

Non-Insurance Personal Assistance Services
These are Non-Insurance Services provided by On Call International:
• Pre-Trip Information: Upon request, On Call will provide information services such as: visa and passport
requirements, health hazard advisories, currency exchange, inoculation and immunization requirements,
temperature and weather conditions and embassy and consulate referrals.
• Interpretation/Translation: If during your Trip you need an interpretation, On Call will assist with telephone
interpretation in all major languages. If you require ongoing or more complex translation services, On Call will refer
you to local translators.
• Legal Referral/Bail: Upon request, On Call will provide you with referrals to a local lawyer. All costs associated with
this service are your responsibility. In case of your incarceration, On Call will notify the proper embassy or consulate,
arrange the receipt of funds from third party sources and locate an attorney and bail bonds, where permitted by
law, with satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement from you, family member or friend. You are responsible for
associated fees.
• Emergency Cash Advance: On Call will advance up to $500 after satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement from
you. Any fees associated with the transfer or delivery of funds are your responsibility.

To submit a claim (after you arrive home):

Contact the Nationwide Plan Administrator at:
Customer Service: 866-223-4772
Mailing Address: Attention: Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC
On Behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies
P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623
Or E-mail your information to: [email protected]
or Fax to: 800-560-6340

Give them the policy number of NW0077. If they ask for a certificate number, remind them that this is a custom group policy specifically written for Friendship Force and that you don’t have a certificate number. This is also why you won’t be able to submit the claim online. 

IMPORTANT: To facilitate prompt claims settlement, You will be asked to provide proof of Your loss. Therefore, be sure
to obtain the following as applicable: 1.) For medical claims – detailed medical statements from treating physicians where
and when the accident or Sickness occurred as well as receipts for medical services and supplies; 2.) For baggage and
baggage delay claims – reports from parties responsible (i.e. airline, cruiseline, etc.) for loss, theft, damage or delay.
Some claims may also require a police report. Please obtain receipts for lost or damaged items; 3.) For trip delay claims
– a statement from party causing delay and receipts for expenses; 4.) For cancellation/interruption claims – Your travel
invoice, the cancellation or interruption date, original unused tickets/vouchers, the travel organizer’s cancellation clause
with regard to nonrefundable losses. You will also be asked to provide proof of payment.