Journey Documents and Forms

2024 Journey Documents and Forms

This handbook is designed to help give members information on the latest policies, procedures and guidelines related to FFI membership, club operations and participating in Journeys. All of this information is key-word searchable on-line on the FFI Help Center accessible through

Click here to view and download the handbook.

Here are some helpful stand-alone documents. Click on the title to view each one:

2024 Policies and Guidelines for Journeys

2024 Journey Coordinator Checklist

2024 Ambassador Application and Agreement Form (fillable form) or use this Google Form

2024 Host Application and Agreement Form (fillable)

2024 Health and Mobility Checklist (fillable form)

2024 Journey Budget Builder Template

To post your journey on the Journey Marketplace, contact your RSM.(See Who is Our Regional Support Manager?)

2024 Emergency Medical Information (fillable form)

Ambassador and Host Matching Form (fillable form)

Payment is due 60 days before the start date of the journey. Click here to pay online.

For US residents, click here to purchase travel insurance. To view the Summary of Benefits, click here.

For travel insurance for non-US residents, click here.

How to Complete a Fillable Form