What does the journey planning process look like at FFI?

Find out how FF Journeys are allocated to clubs

Journey assignments are sent to clubs each year following the annual journey matching process. This usually takes place at the end of each calendar year.

Clubs are invited to submit an Inbound hosting form and an Outbound destination request form. FFI then ‘matches’ clubs based on the information provided by clubs in their forms.

If a club does not receive an assignment, it will be placed on a waitlist in case another club cancels its journey. While we try our best to find every club a great journey, there is usually more demand for an outbound journey than there are host clubs able to host. This is especially true in popular destinations such as Europe.

Tip: To maximize your chance of being assigned a great journey, you should be flexible with your destination preferences.

You can also request a journey at any time throughout the year. Please contact us and we can let you know which countries and clubs still have hosting available. Similarly, if your club decides it wants to host, please let us know!