Is Insurance a Requirement for Travel on a Friendship Force Journey?

Preparing for the unexpected

Insurance that would cover your medical care and emergency evacuation/repatriation of remains is a requirement in order to participate in a Friendship Force Journey. See page 5 of the 2022-23 Policies and Guidelines for Clubs and Programs for more information.

Friendship Force International does provide policies for purchase for both US and Non-US residents.

To purchase insurance as a US resident:

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If you are not a resident of the US but will be traveling to the US, you can purchase the Safe Travels Elite Policy:

⇒ These policies are available for travel related to Friendship Force Journeys or personal travel not related to FF Journeys.   

⇒  You may have insurance benefits via your credit card company. It is worth checking to see what coverage you may have. 

⇒  You may not have insurance coverage for travel outside of your home state or country. It is a good idea to check with your insurance company to ask what coverage you do have.

⇒  You can also shop travel insurance policies through