Is there an Ambassador Selection Guide or any type of guidance about selecting ambassadors for a Journey?

When it comes to selecting ambassadors for your journey, it’s important to review applications carefully

Care should be taken to screen all applicants and to accept only those who understand the goals of the organization and who fit the health and mobility requirements of the Journey. Clubs should avoid a “sign-up” process that suggests to applicants that acceptance on journeys is automatic.

Find more information in the Ambassador Selection Packet.

Here are some sample questions you can ask in an interview:


Questions for Potential Ambassadors

  1. What is your understanding of the goals of the Friendship Force?
  2. Have you been on a Friendship Force Journey before? Or traveled with a group?
  3. Anyone who has traveled knows that things can sometimes go wrong. How will you handle the unexpected problems that might arise, such as a delayed flight, stolen credit card, or lost luggage?
  4. How do you view people who have different traditions from your own with regard to their clothing, behavior, attitudes, food, or different standards within their homes?
  5. You might be assigned a host of a different race, religion, political ideology, sexual orientation, or socio-economic level. How would you react to this?
  6. Can you tolerate different foods than you are used to at home? Is this a situation that would cause you significant stress?
  7. Some homes require guests to climb stairs or visit a bathroom on a different floor. Could you handle this challenge? Can you manage carrying your own luggage?
  8. Would you be willing to participate in planned activities, even if you might prefer to do something else?
  9. Do you have any health issues, or problems with your mobility? How about stamina: can you stand for half an hour? Walk for twenty minutes? Would stairs or uneven surfaces, like cobblestones, be a problem? (Relate this question to the particular requirements of the program.)
  10. What do you look forward to most on this Journey and what might you do afterward with regard to your new cultural understanding?
  11. What qualities would make someone a good guest, or a good host?
  12. How will you prepare for your Friendship Force experience?
  13. It is possible that your host will speak or understand very little of your language. How do you plan to communicate in this situation?