What is a Club Admin?

Every club and interest group needs to appoint an administrator (“Admin”) on myFF.

What does an Admin do?

The Admin…

  • verifies requests to join your club or interest group.
  • creates a brief profile page for your club or interest group.
  • updates the club page when there is a change in club officers.
  • can edit the club role for each member in the membership list.
  • adds club events to the event calendar.
  • post announcements for the members to read


Who can be an Admin?
  • Someone in your club who checks their email frequently.
  • If your club hasn’t appointed an Admin yet, the Club President functions as Club Admin by default.


Each club or interest group will need at least one administrator (“Admin”) for my.friendshipforce.org. TIP:  Appoint two Admins per club!

Read up on how to assign or change a Club Admin for the club here.