What if I am a member of more than one club?

It’s no problem to connect with your primary club as well as secondary clubs or groups in MyFF.*

When you first create your myFF account, you will be asked to indicate your main club affiliation. To add another club where you are a member:

1) On the ‘Clubs and Groups’ screen, open the “All Clubs” tab. Clubs are displayed in alphabetical order but you can also search by founding date or country. Alternatively, start typing the name of your club in the ‘Search By Name’ box and it will appear for you to select.

3) Clicking on your club name opens its Club Details page. When you click on the blue JOIN CLUB button, the Club Administrator receives a notification that a member of their club is waiting to be approved. Then, once approved, you will get an email confirmation that the club is now linked to your myFF account.

Congratulations, you’ve added your secondary club membership to your myFF account!

* You only need to pay the FFI membership fee to one club – typically the one you consider to be your primary club. You will need to pay the local club fee to both clubs if you are going to actively participate in both clubs.