What is the host club program fee or host fee?

The host club program fee, often called host club fee or host fee, is used to pay the cost of the group activities planned by the host club.

The Host Club Program Fee…
  • is agreed upon by the Host Coordinator and the Ambassador Coordinator
  • is paid by each ambassador (including the Ambassador Coordinator) for all Club-to-Club Journeys
  • can be used to pay for welcome and farewell parties/ dinners and for other group activities that provide the ambassadors with an excellent cultural orientation to the host city and region
  • can also be used, at the host club’s discretion, to enable the hosts to participate in these activities
  • should not cover transfer and tour costs (these should be treated separately with payment and accounting details arranged between the Ambassador and Host Coordinators)
  • is transferred to the host club in a mutually acceptable manner and at an agreed upon time


Good to know:

  • The Host Club Program Fee budget should be presented to the Ambassador Coordinator and FFI prior to the Journey with sufficient time for the Ambassador Coordinator to market the Journey.
  • The Host Coordinator will present a post-Journey accounting of the actual expenses to FFI and the Ambassador Coordinator.