Why can’t I find member resources on the new website?

The new website www.friendshipforce.org is intended for those new to Friendship Force, and my.friendshipforce.org  (myFF) is the private website dedicated to our members. This means that everything you need as a member can be found on myFF, in the Help Center.

There is a permanent button for the Help Center in the lefthand menu bar, in grey. There is currently also a temporary banner at the center in our carousel of news, to alert members about the Help Center. You can see both in this screenshot.


Parts of the Help Center are also accessible from www.friendshipforce.org. You can find the Help Center link at the bottom of the new website. Please be aware that most of the content can only be accessed when you are logged into your account on myFF.

The FFI Member Handbook is full of information and useful resources. You may also find this article to be helpful: Journey Documents and Forms