Can non-members join a Journey?

We now require everyone who joins a journey to be a member of Friendship Force, most likely via a local club.

More on becoming a member of Friendship Force…

The typical path to becoming a Friendship Force member is through our network of local Friendship Force Clubs. A Friendship Force member would invite a person who has shown interest to participate in a local club activity. They would explain how the Friendship Force works, what our mission is and what is expected from a Friendship Force member.

If the potential member likes what they see and shares the same values and goals, they would then apply for membership to the local club and pay club dues. The local clubs collect the FFI Membership Dues along with the local club dues and then pass them on to FFI in January of every year.

Here is a link to the “Club Finder” tool on our website:

If there isn’t a club near you, you can also pursue Membership directly to FFI. Here is a link to more information: FFI Membership

Once you become a member, you will need to register for your online account at (MyFF) where you will be assigned a Member ID Number. Everyone who participates in a Friendship Force Journey has to have a Member ID Number. If you have joined Friendship Force via a local club, you should choose that club in the dropdown menu during account registration. If you have joined directly to FFI, you would choose the country you live in as your club. Your request to be associated with a local club or a national club will need to be approved by a club administrator in MyFF.