What is an Ambassador Coordinator?

An Ambassador Coordinator (AC)…
  • provides the leadership required for a successful Journey
  • is selected by the local club for each Journey
  • reports to FFI for Journey planning purposes
  • ideally has proven leadership ability and prior experience in Journey planning


Responsibilities of an Ambassador Coordinator:
  • maintain good contact with the Host Coordinator during the planning stages
  • agree on a Journey program with the Host Coordinator
  • transmit ambassador details to the Host Coordinator using the Ambassador and Host Matching form
  • prepare ambassadors for the upcoming Journey
  • provide updates on Journey dates and ambassador numbers to the assigned staff contact
  • initiate advertisement of a Journey to a wider audience (empty seats)
  • respond to inquiries and applications
  • accept or reject applicants according to the club’s established vetting process and his/her own judgment


Good to know…
  • The AC is not required to fill every space, only to make an effort toward that end, as in accordance with the Fill-the-Seat policy.
  • The AC discount and the AC’s earned seat are benefits to recognize the responsibility associated with leading a Journey