How do we pay the host fee for our Journey?

Host club program fees, often called host fees or host club fees, are transferred by the ambassador club to the host club at an agreed upon time.

Some host clubs prefer to receive the host club fees by wire, some host clubs require the fee in cash, often in the local currency, upon arrival. This differs depending on the region you travel to.

If the host club requests the fee in cash, it is acceptable for the ambassadors to bring their host fee with them. Ambassador Coordinators are discouraged from carrying the total for all ambassadors with them personally but have each ambassador carry their own fee to be collected upon arrival at the destination club. Alternatively, money can be withdrawn from an ATM at your destination.

In the event that the ambassador club fails to pay for all confirmed ambassadors, FFI will advance the fees to the host club and collect them from the ambassador club.

If your club needs help forwarding host fees, please get in touch with the staff contact for your journey.