Who is our Regional Support Manager (RSM)?

Find your staff contact below.

Club Support

Africa: Valerie Malfara, [email protected], Allison Lindsey,[email protected]

Asia: Noriko Kanamoto, [email protected]

Australia: Kimberly Fraser,[email protected]

New Zealand: Debbie Lattey, [email protected]

Europe: Kerstin Hogan, [email protected]

France, UK: Valerie Malfara, [email protected]

Latin America: Hemily Nogueira, [email protected]

Canada, USA: Allison Lindsey, [email protected]; Taryn Roberts, [email protected]

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Baltic States, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine: Oyuna Sengeeva, [email protected]

Journey Support

Check the “It’s a match” document for each Journey to find the name and contact details of the staff member managing it.


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