Can I add a member to our membership list on myFF?

As Club Admin, you have the option of adding a member to your club’s membership list on myFF

There are several reasons for you to add a member to your club’s membership list:

  • a member has trouble registering for a myFF account and you want to help out
  • you want the membership list to display all your members
  • a member needs their unique member ID to join a journey, but they don’t want to make use of their myFF account

As Club Admin, follow these steps to add a member to your club’s membership list:

1. Navigate to your club’s “Membership List” tab.
2. Click on “Add a Member”.
Add member 1.png
3. Enter your member’s details in the screen that opens up and click on “Save changes”.
Add new member 2.png
TIP: Be sure to enter the correct email address for your member. He/ She will be able to sign in to his/ her myFF account using this address. They will need to set a password when logging in the first time by entering their email address and by clicking on “Forgot your password?”.
Forgot password.png
Once they have set a password, they will be able to log in and use their myFF account.
You as Club Admin will be able to view this member including their member ID on the membership list as soon as you have added this member to your club list.
Please be sure to inform your member that a myFF account has been created in their name and give them instructions on how to sign in and set a password (see above).
Can’t add a member to your membership list?
If you have entered a new member and the “Save changes” button does not work, this member has already created an account on myFF.  Since the member is already “in the system”, you won’t be able to create a new account for them. Please contact FFI with the member’s details, so that we can switch their membership from “not affiliated with a club” to your club.