Can I become an FF member without a local FF Club?

Clubs remain at the heart of the Friendship Force experience. We strongly encourage members to join existing clubs in their area, if one exists, or consider starting a new club. Let us know if you are interested in starting a new club and we can help!

If there isn’t a club near you, you can also pursue Membership directly to FFI.

Step 1: Complete this Membership Application and Agreement

Step 2: Submit your FFI Membership Dues through the payment gateway provided after you submit your application.

Step 3: If you have already registered on myFF ( your primary membership will be moved from your existing club to a new club titled “The Friendship Force of YOUR COUNTRY” upon approval.

Step 4: If you HAVE NOT already registered on myFF please create an account on When identifying your current club in the drop-down menu, please select “not affiliated with a club”. Once your application and payment has been confirmed you will receive a welcome email from your FFI Membership contact and we will move your membership to the appropriate FFI Member Club.

Step 5: Read and familiarize yourself with our Member Code of Conduct