How do I approve or reject a member’s request to be affiliated with our club on myFF?

Club Admins are responsible for approving or rejecting members’ requests to affiliate with their club on myFF

  1. Log in to Hover over your profile and click on “My Clubs and Groups”, or click on “Clubs and Groups” in the left-hand menu bar.
  2. Click on the name of your club.
  3. Click on “Membership List”.
  4. Scroll down the list of members to look for unconfirmed members.

    Confirmed members have a checkmark at the end of the entry. Unconfirmed members will have an APPROVE or REJECT button.

Please note:

If you don’t know a person who is requesting affiliation with your club, please reach out to them before rejecting their request! It may be someone looking to join your club as a new member.

Click through the screenshots here for a tutorial.