What is the FFI Friendraiser?

The FFI Friendraiser was a five-week event taking place from Oct 10 – Nov 10, 2022 focusing on strengthening our clubs and providing you with the resources needed to engage membership and thrive.

We know the pandemic took a toll on your clubs and we want to help you rebuild.

What happened:

  • an email containing themed videos on a subject of interest to members and clubs on Mondays
  • the weekly email provided access to interviews with club leaders and members from around the globe
  • a live Q&A session on the week’s topic on Thursdays

The schedule for our five-week Friendraiser:

  • Week 1, beginning October 10 – Recruitment
  • Week 2, beginning October 17 – Technology Tools
  • Week 3, beginning October 24 – Engagement
  • Week 4, beginning October 31 – Club Leadership
  • Week 5, beginning November 7 – Fundraising and Open World Programming