How do I assign or change a Club Admin for the club?

If your club hasn’t appointed any Admins yet, the Club President initially functions as Club Admin by default.

Whenever there is a changeover of Club Admins, the existing Admin may appoint a new Club Admin as follows:

1. Go to your Membership List in myFF and click on the name of the member that you wish to appoint as a Club Admin

2. In the “Edit Member” box, go to “System Role” on the right and choose “Club Admin”

3. Click on “Save Changes”. This person now has Club Admin rights/ access to myFF.

To remove a Club Admin, go through steps 1 and 2 as above, but choose “Club Member” and “Save Changes”. This will revoke Club Admin status and return the person’s account to Member status.

Make sure there is always at least one Club Admin for your club!