What was the FFI Pen Pal Program?

Facts about FFI Pen Pals

The FFI Pen Pal Program…

  • ran during the pandemic
  • was created to offer new and interesting ways for Friendship Force members to connect from a distance

Members were paired for a variety of different reasons. Members wanted to…

  • get to know a new friend from a specific region, either far away or within the same country.
  • practice a particular language.
  • communicate with someone who shares their hobby or interest.
  • talk to someone with vastly different interests.
  • make friends with someone their own age.
  • exchange views with someone older/ younger.

The Pen Pal Program wasn’t limited to exchanging letters. Our Pen Pals decided on their preferred method of communication: emails, handwritten letters, a combination of both, or face-to-face chats via Zoom or Skype.

FFI may offer pen pal matching opportunities again if possible. Keep your eyes out for upcoming announcements on myFF.